PRESS RELEASE, [12/12/2012]

Glass for a Better World
YIOULA Glassworks group launches sustainability initiative.

Yioula Glassworks group is launching the “Glass for a Better World” plan, an initiative aiming to unite all those that believe glass is the clear choice in the new era of corporate citizenship.

The focus of the initiative, which at the initial stage relates mostly with the internal audiences, is to:
a. Improve sustainability process and employee engagement
b. Prepare the ground for the development of a solid sustainability vision, strategy and plan, and
c. Implement an integrated awareness activity program to sensitize key audiences

The 40 pages booklet “Glass for a Better World”, with more about the initiative, is available also in electronic form (PDF) to download, at:

The reduction of the environmental impact is a major priority for Yioula Glassworks group. Through the increased use of recycled glass bottles and cullet, and investments in advanced filter technology, modern equipment and processes , the company saves raw materials of 28.000 tons (equal to 80 million glass bottles !!), and reduced energy consumption by 35% and CO2 emissions by 35%.

Thanks to the unique example of a bottle-to-bottle production cycle, the glass packaging industry has managed to reduce the amount of natural resources needed for the production of new glass containers by remelting used bottles and jars collected by the citizens.

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About Glass

Glass is made from natural, sustainable raw materials, abundant in nature such as sand, soda ash and limestone. It is the preferred packaging for consumer health and for the environment. It is chemically inert, 100% and infinitely recyclable, refillable, and reusable. As primary packaging, glass containers ensure the preservation, safe delivery and attractive presentation of a vast array of consumer products, supplied to European and world markets. Whether used for drinks, food, cosmetics, perfumes or pharmaceuticals, glass plays a vital role in supporting European trade and commerce.

About Yioula Glassworks

YIOULA glass containers - for soft drinks, juices, beer, wines, spirits, mineral water, food and pharmaceuticals - deliver many of the world's best-known products to people in almost 30 countries, while its glass tableware products are present in millions of households and catering establishments across Europe. With a leading position in S.E.Europe, YIOULA Glassworks Group manufactures consumer-preferred, 100 percent recyclable glass containers that enable superior taste, purity, safety, hygiene, visual appeal and value benefits. Established in 1947, the company employs nearly 2,500 people with 7 manufacturing facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. In 2012, net sales were approximately 240 million euro, while production exceeded 2 billion pieces.

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